When our city founders set up the layout of the city they arranged the streets in a northeast-southwest and northwest-southeast pattern. This was done so that all four sides of the courthouse building would receive some sunlight every day of the year.




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                                                Washington Court House City Schools
                                                               306 Highland Ave.
                                                Washington Court House, Ohio 43160
                                                            Phone 740-335-6620
                                                              Fax 740-335-1245
                                                      Keith Brown, Superintendent
                                                         keith.brown AT wchcs DOT org



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                                                Miami Trace Local School District
                                                        3818 State Route 41 NW
                                                     Washington C.H., OH 43160
                                                      Telephone: (740) 335-3010

                                                           FAX: (740) 335-1959



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                                                            1270 US Route 62 SW

                                                  Washington Court House, OH 43160

                                                            Phone: (740) 333-5115