City of Washington C.H. Police Department

                                                 130 N. Fayette St. Washington C.H., OH 43160

                                                          Business Phone: 740-636-2375


 The Washington C.H. Police Department embraces the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. The agency strives to insure a safe community for those that live, work, or visit here.

     Safety requires a community effort and the police must have assistance and cooperation from the community to be effective. Community involvement is a necessary part of crime suppression. The community at large is as important as the judicial system and the police in limiting crime in any community. Communities will only have the amount of crime they are willing to tolerate and cannot be condoned or ignored in our daily lives. In addition to the normal enforcement actions required of police agencies, the police department willingly provides services to help make our neighborhoods and businesses safe as possible.

Brian Hottinger Chief of Police
Jon Long Lieutenant
Jeff Funari Sergeant
Eric Hott Sergeant
Russel Lowe Sergeant
Kevin Shoopman Sergeant



 Communication Employees are generally the first point of contact for those requesting service or seeking information. They are an integral part of the patrol operation and truly represent a lifeline for field officers and supervisors.

     The Communication employees are required to seek as much necessary information as possible to relay to the responding police officers. Those calling for police services need to provide the information asked for by the communication staff to insure a safe and timely police response. Multiple telephone lines and radio communications with the street officers make for an extremely high stress environment for the communications staff.

        Please remember that 911 telephone lines are limited and are intended           

                                             for emergencies only.

Traci Bennett Secretary/Dispatcher
J.T. Moore TAC/Dispatcher
Janene Wood Dispatcher
Erin Sanderson Dispatcher
Leah Marcus Dispatcher


                                                        Patrol Operations

        The patrol operation is the backbone of any police department. All the other sections of the police department operate in support of the patrol operation. The administrative, communications, and investigative positions operate to support the basic function of patrol. The basic functions of a police agency are performed by the patrol personnel. They are charged with the duty to protect lives and property, enforce criminal and traffic laws, suppress crime and respond to a wide assortment of calls for police service. Many of these calls are determined to be outside the jurisdiction of the police service and referrals to other agencies or government entities are made. Police powers in our country are limited and were intended to be that way by our founding fathers. Police agencies function under limitations imposed  by the various Courts of the judicial system and their interpretation of the Constitution and enacted laws. Law enforcement cannot be and was never intended to be the answer to all problems in society.

Trent Curl Patrolmen
Mathew Ellis Patrolmen
Logan George Patrolmen
Jeff Heinz Patrolmen
Charlie Hughes Patrolmen
Matt Pfeifer Patrolmen
Derek Pfeifer Patrolmen
Adam Phillips Patrolmen
Mike Warnecke Patrolmen




        Personnel assigned to investigations provide direst and additional support to the patrol personnel. They assist in the investigation of serious crimes and provide further support when follow-up action is necessary to complete the investigation of less serious crimes.

David Page Sergeant/Investigator
Tom Queen Patrolman/Investigator
Colt Sever Patrolman/Investigator